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Zubaan Books
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Zubaan Books
Zubaan Books Zubaan Books Zubaan Books Zubaan Books Zubaan Books Zubaan Books Zubaan Books Zubaan Books
Zubaan Books
Zubaan Books
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Zubaan Books
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Zubaan is a small independent publishing house with a gendered focus. We have three main lists - academic (with emphasis on the social sciences), fiction and Young Zubaan. Some of the areas of interest maybe broadly classified as:
* Gender and Reproductive Health/Sexuality
* Gender and Conflict
* Gender and Architecture
* Gender and Law
* Gender and History/National Movement
* Gender and Economics
But we are open to other suggestions and ideas, as long as they are with a gendered focus.

The other areas that are covered include
* Fiction in translation, mostly novels and by women. But we also receive short stories
* Readers on the Women's Movement/Feminism
* Biographies/Autobiographies/Memoirs
* We do not consider poetry manuscripts

Young Zubaan

Young Zubaan is a new list of books for teenagers and children in India. Our list celebrates diversity and difference, with books that will delight, inform and entertain. Young Zubaan believes that the first books that children read are the "key to the magic of the world". We are committed to maintaining the highest quality - in terms of illustrations, design and production values - because young readers deserve nothing less.

How to submit

First submissions should include a covering letter that should provide some brief information about yourself as the author/editor and your co-authors, where appropriate, including any details of previous publications. Plus, a synopsis of the work, a contents list with a short paragraph describing each chapter and a sample chapter or chapters (up to three). If the Zubaan editorial board is interested, you will be asked to send the entire manuscript.

Proposals can be sent by email, as attachments. Please stick to Word or PDF formats and use straightforward descriptive file names.

If you prefer to send by post, see address below. Remember to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you require your material to be returned to you; otherwise it will be recycled.

We will try to respond within two months of receiving your material. It may be quicker, but we can't promise anything.

Send Submissions to Zubaan,
128B Shahpur Jat,
First Floor,
New Delhi - 110049
Tel : +91-11-26494617/18 and 26494613
Email: contact@zubaanbooks.com
Zubaan Books
Zubaan Books
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